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The Pink Diamond Revue: Miss Lonely Hearts single review.

What do you get if you take 1 part Alien Sex Fiend, 2 parts The Cramps, 3 parts Duane Eddy and add into that mix an infusion of Sique Sique Sputnik with a sparse industrial commentary thrown in on top for good measure? You get the intriguingly heady cocktail that is The Pink Pink Diamond Review.

Who I hear you ask?

That’s The Pink Diamond Revue, made up of Reading residents Tim and Rob, along with the mysterious but seemingly other wordly, omnipresent Acid Dol. They are already gaining airplay on BBC Radio 6 and local BBC Radio stations. PDR2

When the 12″ single of their soon to released single, Miss Lonely Hearts landed on my doorstep I must admit, I wasn’t sure what to expect. My post box is usually filled with requests for reviews of rock, metal and punk but it was obvious from the press release that this was a bit of a departure from the norm. And I am so glad it was.

In Miss Lonely Hearts, The Pink Diamond Review offer up a stark aural landscape of Cramps-like melody with a bleak 60’s American infomercial style lyric. ‘Nobody seems to pull their blinds during a hot spell’, it intones repeatedly in the title track. ‘Miss Lonely Hearts, so lonely that even death sounds like a friend’.

It works. TOTALLY works. If you are a fan of the aforementioned Cramps or even B52’s then this is a must. Definitely a must. Other tracks on this 4 track 12″ alongside the Radio Edit of Miss Lonely Hearts is a Psych Mix reworking, which offers a darker moodscape with a ‘We’re not a rock n roll band’ incantation, along with 2 tracks on the B side; the more upbeat Bink and a foreboding Final Meal Request,as dark as the title suggests.

Miss Lonely Hearts is released on 24th July on Vinly, CD and Download.

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A King King with Broken Witt Rebels Tour? OH HELL YES!!

Fancy seeing the superb, multi-award winning Blues Rock supremo’s King King in the UK this winter?

Fancy seeing them supported by the hottest up and coming UK rock band, Broken Witt Rebels?

Yes, you read that right!! King King will be hitting the road this November on a Planet Rock Presents tour with Birmingham’s powerhouse Broken Witt Rebels.

This is one you seriously don’t want to miss if you love your music on the blues side of rock. On their own, both bands have the capacity to blow you away. Together this will be an unmissable evening!!

Tickets on sale Wed 22nd June via

See you front of stage, if I can get a ticket!!

Dates Are:


Brighton: Old Market – Wed 9th
Norwich: Waterfront – Thu 10th
Southampton: 1865 – Fri 11th
Frome: Cheese & Grain – Thu 17th
Bilston: Robin 2 – Fri 18th
Cardiff: Tramshed – Sat 19th
Exeter: Phoenix – Sun 20th
Aberdeen: Lemon Tree – Thu 24th
Edinburgh: Queens Hall – Fri 25th
Chester: Live Rooms – Sat 26th
Clitheroe: Grand – Sun 27th
Islington: Assembly – Tue 29th

If It Was My Band…. by Emma Scott: An InbetweenTheScreams Book Review

A passion for music brings with it a plethora of emotions, a propensity to consume vast amounts of free time and, often copious amount of not so free money and that is just from the perspective of a listener. Take that passion to the next level by picking up and learning an instrument and you are on the much trodden path to the heady delights of forming a band. Let’s face it, what pimply prepubescent youngster didn’t put on their big sisters make-up and spangly jacket, pick up that tennis racket and rock out in front of the mirror giving it the full Marc Bolan at The Marquee? Come on, you’re fooling nobody, put your hand down. Hmmmmm….. there are more recent points of reference for you to identify with in that scenario, so moving quickly on from my carbon dating….

I was lucky, I formed a band that did ok, nothing spectacular but enough to be on the verge of a European tour and record deal before spectacularly and irreversibly imploding. But that came with a huge amount of effort, both in terms of time and money and we made some huge mistakes that cost us dearly, literally. It was also like pulling teeth at times, dealing with promoters, agents and the like with no real knowledge, no experience and no safety net if we made a mistake.

How much less frustrating would it have been if there had been a handy point of reference, a ‘bands bible’, if you will, to guide us through the potential pitfalls and allow us to capitalise on the good bits and stop us making mistakes. And Emma Scott has done just that with her superb little book, ‘If it was my band…’.

‘If it was my band….’ guides you through every stage of taking that step up from bedroom to band breakthrough, loving music to making a living from music. With the help of anecdotes taken from well known luminaries in the music industry, her own extensive and varied experience within music and written in a humorous but very informative style, Emma pulls together that, although it won’t guarantee success, it will ensure that you have the best information at hand to allow you to not only deal with but also capitalise on the common encounters in band life. With sections on band members, gigging, building momentum and support, management and turning it into a profession among others, this book will give any band an edge in a world saturated with bands all trying to get their name known and music heard.

You’d be crazy not to want that advantage, right? You would pay handsomely for that, right? So if I said Emma was almost giving away her book at an almost laughably low £8.99 you’d be out of here to order it via like a shot, right…..?


Hello….are you still there?



That’s the right choice!!

From Emma’s own blurb…

If It Was My Band is a fun read, filled with top tips on all aspects of the music business. It is the compass and map that every aspiring successful musician should have, to help them reach their destination: making music their full time job.







Broken Witt Rebels: Smoking Guns and Sweet Georgia Pine

Broken Witt Rebels_logo 1

There is such a powerful momentum behind Birmingham’s new sons, Broken Witt Rebels that surely must have surpassed all expectations for a band still in its relative infancy. And the thrust of that momentum comes from the musical equivalent of the holy grail, a fan driven groundswell that has seen their latest single Guns, taken from their recent EP, Georgia Pine garner nearly half a million views in just over 2 weeks. And whilst other bands may lament the fickleness of social media and the great digital age, it is certainly pushing Broken Witt Rebels prominently centre stage.

Justifiably so? I’d certainly say so if the self-funded five track Georgia Pine EP is anything to go by.

There is an instant accessibility to Broken Witt Rebels sound, a familiarity that pulls in band influences and weaves in confident musicianship into something special, something that is neither ground-breaking nor just another homage to the past. For all its familiarity there is an appealing freshness to a well-trodden formula. Layered over the rawness of blues and soulful intricacies, dirty melodies and sublimely put together songs, singer Danny Core stamps an authoritative vocal delivery that lures you in and has you hooked.

Broken Witt Rebels_EP artwork_small 1Broken Witt Rebels are a band destined to go far, and whilst they remain unsigned and self-funded their future appears to be on a trajectory that will keep them firmly in control.

Grab the Georgia Pine EP, play it loud and catch them on tour near you soon. You certainly won’t be disappointed, this band are going to be huge!



Tour Details 2016

Monday 6th June 2016
Boston Music Room
, London
supporting Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown

Tuesday 7th June 2016
The Bodega, Nottingham
supporting Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown

Thursday 9th June 2016
Isle of White Festival

Sunday 12th June 2016
Lichfield’s Beacon Park
supporting Tom Jones

Thursday 30th June 2016
King Tuts, Glasgow

Friday 29th July 2016
Sound House, Leicester

Sunday 14th August 2016
Down To The Woods Festival
Hardwick Hall, County Durham

Sunday 4th September 2016
Bingley Music Live
Myrtle Park, Bingley, West Yorkshire

Thursday 20th October 2016
London Proud, Camden 

Friday 21st October 2016
Leo’s Red Lion, Gravesend ‏

Thursday 1st December 2016
Planet Rockstock, Trecco Bay, Wales


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