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Pete Bailey’s Wonder Junkie Podcast: Unmissable!!

…..so don’t miss it!!


Pete takes a departure from his normal role, spinning up the latest and greatest in rock, metal, punk and indie and treats us to the other side of Pete Bailey. As Pete himself says,

“Welcome to the podcast 🙂 I often find myself interested in my surroundings and what makes the world work the way it does. So this podcast is a place to delve deeper into all kinds of subject areas, I’ll be speaking to everyone from scientists to musicians, actors to authors, travellers to entrepreneurs and everyone in between”.

The first three have been absolutely sublime and this series has already set an incredibly high bar. Make sure you subscribe to Pete’s podcasts, check out the first three and don’t miss any future episodes!


You can find out more via Pete’s website: Click Here

Or Subscribe via iTunes: Click Here

The Team Rock Fam Ultimate Playlist



In honour of the people who help(ed) make Friday such a freakingly awesome day on Team Rock Radio with #FreeSpinFriday, here’s the #TRRFam’s homage to the 3 still in limbo……

Thanks to those involved, you know who you are… you are the people that helped make Team Rock Radio what it is/was

Yes, it’s your fault!!

So here it is

Thanks to the fam:

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and of course the kids who still refuse to come in for their tea @Moose_Rocks @Jimbob1000 and @dewsburyrock