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InbetweenTheScreams – What’s Hot: Hands Off Gretel’s New Single – One Eyed Girl

Barnsley’s post-punk, grunge-laden aural and visual explosion that is Hands Off Gretel have smashed their way straight into the InbetweenTheScreams cerebral cortex and laid waste to any resistance. To such an extent it’s this weeks What’s Hot single and at this rate will be hard to remove.



Check it out below



and you can check out more from the band via their website: CLICK HERE

Definitely a band to watch!!



The #TRRFam Ultimate Moose and JRock Playlist

There are very few people who can hold an audience in their hands and pull them right in, making them feel as if they were actually in the room, actually part of the whole heady, crazy, loud insanity of the music; who could build a community that would endure a prolonged, enforced absence from the radio waves and have them waiting with baited breath for their return, eager to see what new home they have built for us and what they have in store to sate our thirst; who could take the audience on repeated journeys to promised lands and to reap heady spoils of those adventures……

And while we continue looking for people like that, here’s a #TRRFam playlist dedicated to Moose and JRock….. two of the main protagonists in the ultimate paen to ‘FUCK THAT RADIO’


So fasten your seatbelts, this could be a real train wreck of a ride or it could be a headrush, just as uncertain as we would expect from the masters themselves.


Thanks as always to the #TRRFam for suggestions and continued contributions to the mirth and mayhem. The clock is ticking……..

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