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InbetweenTheScreams – What’s Hot: Hands Off Gretel’s New Single – One Eyed Girl

Barnsley’s post-punk, grunge-laden aural and visual explosion that is Hands Off Gretel have smashed their way straight into the InbetweenTheScreams cerebral cortex and laid waste to any resistance. To such an extent it’s this weeks What’s Hot single and at this rate will be hard to remove.



Check it out below



and you can check out more from the band via their website: CLICK HERE

Definitely a band to watch!!



The #TRRFam Ultimate Moose and JRock Playlist

There are very few people who can hold an audience in their hands and pull them right in, making them feel as if they were actually in the room, actually part of the whole heady, crazy, loud insanity of the music; who could build a community that would endure a prolonged, enforced absence from the radio waves and have them waiting with baited breath for their return, eager to see what new home they have built for us and what they have in store to sate our thirst; who could take the audience on repeated journeys to promised lands and to reap heady spoils of those adventures……

And while we continue looking for people like that, here’s a #TRRFam playlist dedicated to Moose and JRock….. two of the main protagonists in the ultimate paen to ‘FUCK THAT RADIO’


So fasten your seatbelts, this could be a real train wreck of a ride or it could be a headrush, just as uncertain as we would expect from the masters themselves.


Thanks as always to the #TRRFam for suggestions and continued contributions to the mirth and mayhem. The clock is ticking……..

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The Bluebook Project: Identified High-Flying Object

The music industry is a strange world to inhabit, full of frequently impenetrable forces; run by aliens often seemingly detatched from the realities of this planet, even in the often surreal and strange world of rock and metal….. Baby Metal, right? Sometimes bands appear to have been beamed down from some otherworldly Planet Hype, looking the part but devoid of substance and value, arriving in an almighty fanfare of noise and grand BBPSideproclamations. They usually last long enough to leach some of the lifeblood out of the already struggling music industry then disappear back to where they came from, ignonimity.

Others, however, circle the music world, building momentum, picking up more and more attention as they grow stronger, honing their craft, creating a genuine interest and clamour. The Bluebook Project are just such a band and they are a band that cannot be ignored.

The Bluebook Project hale from Bedfordshire, forming in 2013. Taking their name from The US Air Force investigation into UFO’s, there is something instantly identifiable about this band and that is the potential to make an imminent major breakthrough. Their latest single, Pockets of Dirty Change, sees bassist and lead vocalist Daniel Thorn, rhythm guitarist Daniel Watson, lead guitar and backing vocalist Jordan Smith and drummer Benn Davis clearly mark their territory; a seething, pulsating mix of Iggy meets Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, imbued with an At The Drive-In sneer and, in Daniel’s vocal delivery and the bands wall of guitar noise, an instantly engaging appeal. Make no mistake, these guys are no one-hit wonders in the making. Check out the rest of the Take Me Away EP and it is evident that they completely know who they are and have the ability to deliver, big time.

Check out the new single via Soundcloud: CLICK HERE

Having completed two tours sharing the stage with Slaves and Coasts over the last year, it is well worth checking these guys out live. They carry the energy captured in their recorded work over onto the live stage and these guys crush it!

So get that dirty change out of your pockets and go and support The Bluebook Project, follow the guys and let’s get them onto the bigger stages where they most definitely belong!

You can catch up with The Bluebook Project via:

Twitter: CLICK HERE    Facebook: CLICK HERE  Soundcloud: CLICK HERE

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All images courtesy of The Bluebook Project and InbetweenTheScreams makes no claims to copyright or ownership.


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Pete Bailey’s Wonder Junkie Podcast: Unmissable!!

… don’t miss it!!


Pete takes a departure from his normal role, spinning up the latest and greatest in rock, metal, punk and indie and treats us to the other side of Pete Bailey. As Pete himself says,

“Welcome to the podcast 🙂 I often find myself interested in my surroundings and what makes the world work the way it does. So this podcast is a place to delve deeper into all kinds of subject areas, I’ll be speaking to everyone from scientists to musicians, actors to authors, travellers to entrepreneurs and everyone in between”.

The first three have been absolutely sublime and this series has already set an incredibly high bar. Make sure you subscribe to Pete’s podcasts, check out the first three and don’t miss any future episodes!


You can find out more via Pete’s website: Click Here

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The Team Rock Fam Ultimate Playlist



In honour of the people who help(ed) make Friday such a freakingly awesome day on Team Rock Radio with #FreeSpinFriday, here’s the #TRRFam’s homage to the 3 still in limbo……

Thanks to those involved, you know who you are… you are the people that helped make Team Rock Radio what it is/was

Yes, it’s your fault!!

So here it is

Thanks to the fam:

@crazymoobark @steterjas @mrsbarkel @joannacritchley @MentalJargon @ScurvyPete13 @scouse_smurf @MatAllton @hashtagwilbert @geoff2295 @obscurethingy @hughjarsol @SimonCrockford @seanayling @jamesheeley1 @FULMETALHACKETT @VikkiYates @ronnievamp @JuicyCorriander @simonstart1

and of course the kids who still refuse to come in for their tea @Moose_Rocks @Jimbob1000 and @dewsburyrock

The InbetweenTheScreams Thrash Through Thursday Special

Here’s the inaugural two tracks to help us get through Thursday and on to Friday maddafaaaaackaaaars……..


First off is the relentless onslaught of metal that is Game Over by Machine Head from the stupendously mental 2014 album Bloodstone and Diamonds



The second is possibly in my TOP 3 METAL tracks of all time. The tempo change 3.30 in is just simply THE BEST tempo change ever. The crescendo into the finish is just a monumental climax of incredible musicianship and Randy’s tortured, twisted vocal delivery is the acidic icing on the perfect cake!!

So here is Lamb of God and Overlord from the incredible Sturm und Drang album.

Check back next Thursday for more InbetweenTheScreams Thursday Thrash tunes or get in touch to make suggestions.





InbetweenTheScreams What’s Hot: Katatonia:

Not sure if there is a band out there in this genre that get anywhere close to how good Katatonia are.

Some call it Prog, we just call it sublime!!

HANKKS: Love Shy But No Road to Perdition Wilson

In an InbetweenTheScreams interview on ITS:TV, recorded in 2019 at the celebration party hosted by their hero Tom Hanks to mark the end of Birmingham band HANKKS world conquering and record breaking tour, an implausibly laid back Ben James, Jacob Evitts, and brothers James and Harry Davison put their well deserved success down to the incredible reception their first EP: Wilson received. Citing in particular the sea of support the guitar driven indie rock foursome picked up on the back of the monumental Love Shy, the youngsters were keen to downplay the fact that they are in a league of their own.

And while the above may be an aspiration of HANKKS, there is no mistaking the obvious; these guys have a serious shot at taking their infectious flavour of indie-rock all the way, a sound not a million miles away from how you would imagine the bastard offspring of a Supergrass and Pulp love-in on steroids  would sound, cranked up to 11 and smashed straight into your face.

If the Wilson EP is a marker set down, then the airplay they are already receiving should give them a clear indication that what they have is definitely in demand.




Check out Love Shy below and make sure you catch the band live.


You can follow HANKKS via:

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YouTube Channel: CLICK HERE



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Billy Bibby and the Wry Smiles: Are You Ready?

BBATWS6It’s an exciting time for ex Catfish and the Bottlemen founder and guitarist Billy Bibby and a time that will surely start to cement his new venture firmly in the music lovers minds and allow him to put some distance between him and past successes and build on fresh critical acclaim.

It’s never easy for a member of a successful band to draw a line and start anew, particularly when you have been a driving force behind the former glory’s sound. People are quick to compare, but that’s not such a bad thing if what you have to offer is as instantly engaging as Billy Bibby has.

With his new band, Billy Bibby and the Wry Smiles, Billy is building the strong foundations of continued success based on what he does best, delivering songs that have been honed live, that grab a crowd and their new single, ARE YOU READY? has become a firm crowd favourite already.

“This song was the last one to be practiced and finished as a band before our first UK tour together,” notes Bibby. “But as soon as we’d finished it with our own input into our own individual parts it seemed to stand out as a major contender for the next single.”

The band are putting in the miles as well and the reward is a growing fanbase and ensuing radio exposure. In their first six months as a unit, the band BBATWScompleted a 26-date UK tour and recorded a four-song EP, Bide Your Time. Those songs have received radio play on BBC Wales, BBC Jersey, Radio X, Virgin Radio UK, and numerous indie stations in the UK and abroad. And justifiably so.

Bibby adds, “After performing ARE YOU READY? in the first few gigs, I knew my instincts were right as people seemed to be enjoying a song they’d never heard before as if they’d heard it before coming out to see us. Towards the back end of the tour I started to tell the crowd that this was possibly the next single and to tell me if they thought it should be or not after we played it. I think they all agreed so that was all the evidence needed for me and the lads to go get back in the studio and record this catchy little number!”

This has major hit written all over it. Make sure you check it out and definitely catch this band live!

Billy Bibby: Lead vocals & guitar,
Rob Jones: Lead guitar & vocals,
Matt Thomas: Bass & vocals,
Mike Pearce: Drums.

“Full of guts and life and love and a thoroughly persuasive belief in the redemptive power of music. You listen to that, it believes.”
– Adam Walton, BBC Radio Wales
“I just believe he’s got such a massive future. That classic sort of British songwriting with a strong nod to Americana.”
– Clint Boon, Radio X

At present, Billy Bibby & The Wry Smiles are setting their sights on numerous gigs and festivals in the spring and summer months ahead and planning another ambitious tour for autumn 2016. Are they ready? Indeed they are!


14 Rawtenstall | The Artisan

15 Perth | The Green Room

16 Dundee | Buskers

17 Glasgow | Broadcast

23 Stockport | Blackthorn Festival

29 Banbury | Also Known As

30 Haverfordwest Castle | Pembs Fest

31 Lake District | Kendal Calling | House Party Stage



06 Whitby | Coastline Festival

20 Doncaster | Blackfest

26 Manchester | Night & Day Café



02 Lode, Cambridgeshire | Lodestar Festival

03 Merthyr Tydfil | Bowstrong Festival

17 Tickhill | TFest


To find out more:
Facebook:  Click Here
Twitter: Click Here
Soundcloud: Click Here
YouTube: Click Here
Instagram: Click Here
For more information or to speak to Billy Bibby, please contact

And check out the video to ARE YOU READY – soap acting at it’s finest!!
 Many thanks to Julie Blore-Bizot for the gig updates. Follow Julie on Twitter – Click Here

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