Daily Archives: 25th August 2016


As we prepare for another wet Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK, our very own Eddy Cottington (@speedyedd76 ) brings us his two songs for this weeks Thrash Through Thursday and absolutely no surprise that one is Anthrax.

But starting us of is Exodus with the frantic Deliver Us To Evil from the epic 1985 thrash-fest that is Bonded By Blood


Second track up obviously has to be Anthrax. Although Mr. Cottington is far from predictable I’d have put my house on him picking one Anthrax song and I am actually surprised he didn’t just pick both as Anthrax tracks.

And his choice for the closing track to Thrash Through Thursday? Another ’80’s classic thrash track, Howling Furies from the sublime Fistful of Metal album.

Enjoy and give Eddy a follow on Twitter via the link above for his metal mirth and mayhem!