Hello I am Gary Moore and welcome to my blog, Inbetween The Screams, a blog celebrating everything great about music, from bands and artists to instruments and lyrics and all stops inbetween.

Music has always played a huge part in my life and this blog aims to capture the essence of why it has been the constant heartbeat carrying me forward.

My plan is to blog daily, well at least weekly but as with everything else, life will undoubtedly influence the growth of this blog.

Anything you want to see, to read or simply to explore further then give me a shout either via here or via my Twitter account @BloodRedGary

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#Update: 03-08-2016

Well from the stats it’s pretty clear people are reading: Over 1300 unique visitors in July and after 13 days already over 1900 unique visitors in August. Thank you so much and especially to the Ex Team Rock Family for their ongoing support. What an amazing group of people. I raise my glass to you!







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