Album of The Year – 2015

What, you thought I would miss out on the chance to rave about…………

VII: Sturm Und Drang

Lamb Of God’s seventh album is an absolute blinding release, coming on the back of the enforced break following the tragic Czech Republic death of a fan at their Prague concert in 2010 and singer Randy Blythe’s arrest on re-entry into the Czech Republic in 2012 and his decision to take a break from the band following his acquittal.

The subtitle of the album – Sturm und Drang literally translates to Storm and Stress and intrinsically captures the tumultuous period in both the band and Blythe’s life during this period.

From the opening scream and crescendo of Still Echoes to the dying refrain of Torches, the album almost aurally depicts the chaos and emotional turmoil both Blythe and the band must have been through in the preceding years. If you have read Randy Blythe’s autobiography you will certainly have had an insight into exactly that (well worth a read).

There isn’t a weak track on the album but the standout track for me is Overlord, my single of the year. This track builds relentlessly in a menacing, dark lyric almost at odds with the tight control of the music beneath it. It continues to grow, to snear and snarl toward the most absorbing, violent yet absolutely perfect tempo change I have ever heard with Blythe screaming staring right back at…………………YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

Listen to it




and again.


Then once more.


Now comment and tell me you disagree it is immense with an explanation, I dare you!!


Another day…
Spent buried in the shadow of your doubt
Always the same…
But still you refuse to figure out

You will destroy you
Distorted, tore yourself in two
Your will absorbed you
You can’t ignore you anymore

Cry over the silken pillow
Clipped wings beneath a crooked halo
A perfect child who never looks at the mirror
Right in your face, but not any clearer

A problem hidden in plain view…
Is staring right back at…