Album Review: IDLEWAR’s Debut Album – IMPULSE

Almost a year ago to the day I received a message on Twitter from Pete Pagonis, drummer of Orange County grunge merchants IDLEWAR thanking me for following them back and sending a link to a track off their EP ‘Dig In’. And dig in I truly did, to a feast of heavy riffs and seething, dark and pounding rhythms. It was clear to see that here was a band with a mission and with a talent to make it happen. But the music industry, especially in the heavy rock end of the spectrum isn’t exactly a place where dreams are made. Rather it has a propensity to crush aspirations. So they became a pet project to support them in any way I could, to get their name known and their music heard as they released tracks and it was great to see their support began to grow on the back of their releases.


It’s been a very interesting journey for Pete, guitarist Rick Graham and bassist/vocalist James Blake over the year leading up to the release of their debut album, IMPULSE and the sweat and blood they put into this album and the groundwork they have invested in in building the support has produced a stunning album that definitely has a very healthy fanbase awaiting out there.

Impulse is a dark monster of an album with riff’s that rip you from your seat and pummel you relentlessly like each track knows your weaknesses and exploits them mercilessly. This band kick like a five-piece and are very reminiscent of early NIN/Stone Temple Pilots era grunge/stoner/doom rock and man they have an arsenal of licks to grab you by the balls with.


Idlewar 2


The album wears a very raw edged sound, totally befitting the material but in an extremely well produced way, with Pete Pagonas himself taking the production seat and the album being mastered by the highly acclaimed, Grammy winning Brian Lucey of MagicGardenMastering fame (think Arctic Monkeys ‘AM’, Ghost ‘Meliora’, Black Keys El Camino amongst many).

Highlights of the album for me are the second track, SOUL with its dischordant STONER thunderous riff and James heavy lament, the uptempo INNOCENT and the Soundgarden-esque APATHY but to say stand out implies the others are less brutal and that they most definitely are not. It is an album that has many complexities and layers and rewards you by revealing more with each listen.



Their latest single off the album, On Our Knees received an InbetweenTheScreams Record of The Week slot and ….  a 9/10 InbetweenTheScreams rating!!!

IMPULSE follows in it’s footsteps with a very impressive InbetweenTheScreams 9/10 and cruelly, the only reason it drops that perfect 10/10 is that it isn’t yet available on vinyl….. I know, harsh!! Maybe the follow-up album, eh? And mark my words, IDLEWAR will build on the undoubted success of this album and there will be a second album.

IMPULSE is a truly barn stormer of an album and you will be able to see just how huge a sound this creates live as IDLEWAR embark on their first UK TOUR this winter with STONE BROKEN

2016 UK Tour

You definitely do not want to miss these guys!!


James Blake: Bass, Vocals

Rick Graham: Guitar

Pete Pagonis: Drums

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