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THOSE DAMN CROWS: Interview and Debut Album Review (Preamble)


It’s been a weirdly odd sort of a week so far, musically. Odd in a good way. Odd can be good, right? While Monday’s are normally spent sifting through submissions and listening to the previous weeks releases, I find myself subtly displaced from the stability of this aural rock island I tend to inhabit. Actually that’s not entirely true. There has been a substantial shift and it has distorted my musical points of reference on a number of levels, not least of all my expectations from both emerging and established bands alike.


You see, last week I hit the sweet spot. Friday’s batch of releases brought with it the feverishly anticipated new vinyl, Bad Vibrations from A Day To Remember but prior to that I had received a pre-release review copy of a, to me previously unheard of and possibly relatively unknown you, Welsh band, Those Damn Crows.


If you take a brief read on these pages you will see my response to their debut album and that response has elicited an impending full album review on InbetweenTheScreams and an interview with the band. What you wont have seen is my review of an ADTR album that I had been salivating over for months prior to release, built on a platform of two incredible singles taken from it in the form of the albums opening two tracks, Bad Vibrations and the crushingly relentless Paranoia.


You see, it’s not that the A Day To Remember album isn’t as good as I had anticipated, it is everything I had expected and maybe slightly more. The issue is, it has been totally eclipsed by an album from a band that, if all was fair in the music industry, would be on their fifth sell-out world tour before retreating to their Welsh homeland studio to pen another slice of rock history in the making.


But they are not. Outside of these pages and plugging away amongst the musical mediocrity in the mainstream social media, there exists a band who have so brutally and wilfully smashed my expectations of a debut album from an unknown band that I almost feel sorry for any band sending me their future efforts. On every level, in every respect this band scream ROCK. Scratch that. This band have taken over ROCK and I don’t think it’s coming back in any form as we knew it. And you know something…………….?


I fucking love the fact that five guys from Wales are on the cusp of delivering an album of such intensity that it has opened my eyes to possibilities and simultaneously sharpened my view on what is currently being delivered and I cannot wait to bring you the review and delve deeper into the psyche of a band that can totally dominate the rock scene for years to come, yet have remained relatively hidden from view. Expect band history, influences, gear talk, highs lows and expectations and hopefully some clarity on where the fuck they have been all this time.


So check back soon and read why there’s no point in resisting, there’s a sledgehammer with ROCK’s name on it heading your way!






Monday 5th September saw the release of the stunning video to accompany the amazing second single, BLINK OF AN EYE  by THOSE DAMN CROWS off their soon to be released debut album, Murder and the Motive and what a stupendous piece of work it is by Dark Fable Media, the same people behind the video for the bands first single, Fear of the Broken.


THOSE DAMN CROWS are pulling in the quality people behind them to support their debut album and Dark Fable Media have produced an epic piece of cinematography to go with this sublime track and are no strangers to the music scene, having produced work for the likes of Serj Tankian (System of a Down),  Ihsahn, Tom Morello, Devin Townsend and Skindred’s Benji Webbe among many others.

THOSE DAMN CROWS are rapidly becoming impossible to ignore, with an aural arsenal built for domination and dominate they most certainly will at this rate.


As usual, please spread the word via all the usual social channels. I am sure you will agree, this band deserve every effort to get them out there!




Coming Monday 5th Sept – THOSE DAMN CROWS: BLINK OF AN EYE Video Launch

This is an early warning, do not take it lightly! This song will unrelentingly take you prisoner like no other.

Monday 5th September at 6pm, Welsh warriors of rock release the video for BLINK OF AN EYE, the second single taken from their impending debut album MURDER AND THE MOTIVE and this is an earworm of an intensity that will devour everything else you hear for the foreseeable future.

Blink of an Eye is a radio-friendly tune that will have you roaring out the chorus before you even get to the end of the first listen. It’s a subtle sledgehammer of a song that builds from an opening ride cymbal, snare and bass line into a twin guitar riff-driven sublime melody that carries Shane Greenhall’s vocal, a stunningly impassioned cry to not let go, and this band certainly have no intentions of letting you go before they have delivered an epic that, with any justice, should see them storm the radio airwaves sweeping up with it a whole army of new support.


Check back tomorrow at 6pm for the video!!! I cannot wait to see it and read your responses.


Please Share, Like, Retweet, etc etc and spread the word. These guys are something special and deserve a huge break. Help get them that break.

Coming Soon: SKARLETT RIOT – The Wounded



On the back of the deserved success of the brutal, riff-fest that is their well-received and much lauded latest EP, Sentience, Skarlett, Luke, Danny and Martin smash another aural onslaught of metal into your face and demand you listen.


And listen you definitely should. Skarlett Riot are honing their own blend of rock and metal to great effect and they are definitely a band to catch live, if you haven’t already.



The Wounded is released on the 5th September and can be purchased via the usual channels or via the bands BigCartel site HERE

Checkout the trailer for The Wounded below and while you are there, subscribe to the Skarlett Riot YouTube channel

You can catch up with more Skarlett Riot news via


Facebook: CLICK HERE


As usual, please spread the word.



InbetweenTheScreams and The Republic of Rock: The Vinyl Word

As an absolutely rabid lover of music from a very early age and a stubbornly resolute supporter of vinyl, it gives me great pleasure to announce that I will be the resident vinyl music reviewer on South African award winning rock DJ’s Gary Cool’s REPUBLIC OF ROCK site.

I will be the host of THE VINYL WORD, reviewing both latest vinyl releases and classic vinyl in a weekly item.



I am really excited to be able to take a look back through my vinyl collection and eagerly look forward to bringing you some of the classic albums that defined my life from the likes of AC/DC, Suicidal Tendencies, The Cult, Metallica, Led Zep and Testament to name but a few and also some of the mouth watering releases coming up, none more so than the imminent release of the latest A Day To Remember album, Bad Vibrations.

Hold on tight, it’s going to be a thrilling ride and a huge thanks to Gary Cool for asking me to be part of his own unique brand of musical crazy.

Give the inimitable Gary Cool a follow on Twitter HERE

for all the latest news on the imminent launch. And with Gary at the helm it is bound to be a success.




Rock Radio: Take The Power Back

You only have to have a brief meander through this site to see that recently it has been consumed with the demise of Team Rock Radio, the subsequent silence from Team Rock and the loss of something that had redefined ROCK RADIO as we know it. It is also clearly evident that there is an apparent desire to retain the essence of everything that worked on that station and perhaps build a future around that inclusive, community-minded ethos.

And so it is maybe time to start asking those important questions that will identify whether there is truly the groundswell so apparent to turn this from a possible winning idea into a fully realised and engaged reality.

With that in mind, perhaps the most critical question would be, how strong is that support?

So here is your chance to make your mark, raise your voice, pledge your allegiance and commit to taking the power back and building OUR future radio.

Are you in?

It is really important that you take a brief moment to participate in this poll as it will give an indication of the support that this venture could expect.

You can do so by CLICKING HERE for Twitter users and HERE for Facebook followers.

To truly gauge the strength of support it would be brilliant if you could all participate, after all this will be YOUR radio station, and then encourage your own friends and followers to do exactly the same. That way we can get this rolling as soon as possible.

We have an incredibly strong community that can rise from the ashes of TRR and create something that will redefine rock radio. Here’s your chance to start to make that happen.

Cheers all,


Do You Remember Rock ‘n’ Roll Radio….. RIP TEAM ROCK RADIO

And so the news has unofficially broken that we all hoped wouldn’t ……but if honest, we probably expected for a while: Team Rock Radio is no more as Team Rock Limited realign themselves firmly towards the magazine and online entity they talked about during the shift off DAB. It’s not really a surprise and if you had delved even casually beneath the surface since the dj’s were pulled off air 6 weeks ago, something had to give to bring financial stability back to the group and sadly that grasp at stability has come at the expense of the scheduled radio element of Team Rock.

Our first thoughts are with those who lost their jobs as a result of this move, there were some great people involved in bringing Team Rock Radio’s unique and totally immersive and engaging style of rock radio to the airwaves. It was a formula unsurpassed anywhere around the globe on this level and I am sure every avenue must have been taken before taking the decision to terminate the radio station because that is a huge loss to Team Rock and a massive loss to the rock community.

Over the last month or so, while the radio station reverted to a dj’less loop of non-stop music as Team Rock went through a consultation period and the first staff  losses were brought in, I think most people have looked elsewhere to find an alternative to the music radio formula that had had them hooked every day. But there is absolutely nothing like it and it would be a tragic waste of an engaged and eager rock community that has been built up, if this format isn’t taken up and continued. I am sure that it will be picked up because it offered a very tangible experience, the feeling of actually being part of something, an immersive experience just like listening to the music you love with your mates and new friends picked up along the crazy journey it took you on. That journey will continue for sure……….. just not under the Team Rock banner.

And so a huge thanks to those who made every day a mental headlong rush through rock, metal and all tangents off the glorious musical path we choose to tread.

To Moose and JRock, who made getting up for 7am as close to a pleasure as getting up for work could be and who brought us some of the most addictively chaotic yet consistently groundbreaking radio it has been the pleasure to listen in to and engage with. It has been an absolute train-wreck of a pleasure to be a willing passenger on this epic quest to push the boundaries of rock radio.

To Dewsbury: BIIIIIIIIIIIG D himself, the Yorkshire Yeti, biker, booth builder and bloody great metalhead and all round good bloke to boot. Wellnot literally to boot……just look at the size of him. It’s hard to imagine the journey home without Dews’  own brand of mental metal mayhem soundtracking the journey. The man with an almost encyclopedic knowledge of rock and an unquenchable thirst for all things thirst quenching. I am damn sure this is not the end of the radio journey we have shared so far.

To Miss Rach, to Pete Bailey, SophieK and The Islington Arsonist, Muggs…… you guys don’t just rock, you ROCK rocking! From a listeners perspective, you created some crazy memories and an ability to make time pass so quickly and brought some phenomenally good music to the airwaves………………… and some not so good!! I look forward to following where music takes you next.

And to all those who aided and abetted in the creation and kept the whole train rolling, the dj’s fronting the magazine programmes, to Gary Cool, Billy Rankin, Chris Jericho….. I raise my glass and drink a toast to the good times.

Personally as a music lover, I think Team Rock have thrown away the holy grail, a totally engaged community of loyal and ever growing followers who totally got and actively and wholeheartedly participated in constructing this uniqueness and created a community, a family even. It would be a travesty if this ended here…… but hey,they are obviously planning on milking the recorded material they have in the system and moving to a pre-recorded basis going forward. That’s not rock radio, sorry and definitely not what I imagine the heart of the listeners want either.

Incredibly disappointing.

Someone needs to round them up before they wander off…..







Sweet Little Machine – Pulling No Punches In The Punk Pop Battle

It’s a pretty crowded ring that there Punk Pop battleground and as one challenger enters a dozen tired pretenders are sent crashing into cheap seats. It takes more than just a penchant for dischord and cliche to stand out and there is no end in sight of the bands lining up to grab a slice of the limited airwaves unsigned acts get.

Sweet Little Machine deserve their shot at the title. Tight and edgy musically, lyrically punchy and targeted, they proudly wear the uniform of a generation and wear it well. And if the buzz building around this Sheffield foursome holds any weight, there are big things in store.

Check out their new single, In God We Trust and catch them on tour this summer.



Tour Dates

August 5th – The Leopard – Doncaster
August 6th – The Live Room – Manchester
August 7th – The Turf Hotel – Burnley
August 12th – The Lincoln Imp – Scunthorpe
August 19th – Percy’s Cafe Bar – Whitchurch
August 20th – The Scene Club – Swansea
August 25th – O’Rileys – Hull
August 27th – Lounge 41 – Workington
August 28th – Lifest – Birmingham
September 2nd – Pi Bar – Leicester
September 3rd – The Black Swan – Bradford


Find out more via:

Facebook:  CLICK HERE
Instagram: CLICK HERE
SoundCloud: CLICK HERE
Bookings via: Northern Crossroads Ltd –
As usual, shares, Retweets, Likes, comments etc etc greatly appreciated.



Here’s the this weeks two tracks to help us get through Thursday and on to Friday maddafaaaaackaaaars…….. and it’s a revisit to the manic days of the old school thrash merchants, Exodus and the mighty SLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRR!!!



First off is the onslaught of raw thrash that is Exodus and the track ‘A Lesson In Violence’ from their 1985 debut album, Bonded By Blood,



The second needs absolutely no introduction. The ultimate in thrash and as relevant and heavy today as they were back then. SLAYER and RAINING BLOOD, taken from the fucking massive 1986 album REIGN IN BLOOD





Check back next Thursday for more InbetweenTheScreams Thursday Thrash tunes or get in touch to make suggestions.



InbetweenTheScreams – What’s Hot: Hands Off Gretel’s New Single – One Eyed Girl

Barnsley’s post-punk, grunge-laden aural and visual explosion that is Hands Off Gretel have smashed their way straight into the InbetweenTheScreams cerebral cortex and laid waste to any resistance. To such an extent it’s this weeks What’s Hot single and at this rate will be hard to remove.



Check it out below



and you can check out more from the band via their website: CLICK HERE

Definitely a band to watch!!