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The exTRRFAM ‘Woke Up This Morning…’ Playlist

As usual the exTRRFAM come up with an eclectic soundtrack to what was playing in their heads when they woke up one morning this past week….


Don’t judge them, it’s what makes them such a great family!!


So here it is, the exTRRFAM WOKE UP THIS MORNING playlist


If I have missed anyone, apologies, shout up and I will add them, the Twitter account has gone crazy these past few weeks and it is hard to keep up at times!!


If you want to see what is coming up, obviously not to skip through some dubious content..haha… you should be able to click in the top left corner of the YouTube playlist and it will list all playlist contents.

As usual, shares, comments, contributions most welcome.

Hopefully will be able to put together a few more next week and looking at adding some actual links in from everyone, if I can get something working over the weekend!!


The InbetweenTheScreams SEVEN DEADLY SINS Playlist

The InbetweenTheScreams musical guide to the Seven Deadly Sins: Pride; Greed; Lust; Envy; Gluttony; Anger; Sloth





So here it is, as chosen by the inimitable #TRRFAM, that final song that will be playing at your funeral as you take the final curtain and the ultimate pyro goes off as your adoring family, friends and fans wail away!!

Grab yourself a tissue and enjoy!!


As always, Shares, Retweets, Likes, Comments, Requests etc etc most welcomed, in fact encouraged

And stay tuned for more mirth and mayhem.

And the very exciting news on the future launch of



Monday Morning ‘Make Mine A Double’ #TRRFAM Playlist

The inhabitants of the almighty ship that is TRRFam, fruitlessly waiting on any last hope of Team Rock Radio ever returning, pick two tracks from their favourite bands and we spin them back to back….

Strap yourselves in, it’s going to get a little bit crazy…..




As always, Retweets, Likes,comments, feedback, future participation, beer, cash…..always appreciated


BIG D’s BIG P: The Pant-Shittingly Good, Dewsbury Inspired Playlist

Here it is, dedicated to the legend that is Dewsbury, Big D’s Big P, ¬†as chosen by the #TRRFAM











Here’s the this weeks two tracks to help us get through Thursday and on to Friday maddafaaaaackaaaars…….. and it’s a revisit to the manic days of the old school thrash merchants, Exodus and the mighty SLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRR!!!



First off is the onslaught of raw thrash that is Exodus and the track ‘A Lesson In Violence’ from their 1985 debut album, Bonded By Blood,



The second needs absolutely no introduction. The ultimate in thrash and as relevant and heavy today as they were back then. SLAYER and RAINING BLOOD, taken from the fucking massive 1986 album REIGN IN BLOOD





Check back next Thursday for more InbetweenTheScreams Thursday Thrash tunes or get in touch to make suggestions.



The #TRRFam Ultimate Moose and JRock Playlist

There are very few people who can hold an audience in their hands and pull them right in, making them feel as if they were actually in the room, actually part of the whole heady, crazy, loud insanity of the music; who could build a community that would endure a prolonged, enforced absence from the radio waves and have them waiting with baited breath for their return, eager to see what new home they have built for us and what they have in store to sate our thirst; who could take the audience on repeated journeys to promised lands and to reap heady spoils of those adventures……

And while we continue looking for people like that, here’s a #TRRFam playlist dedicated to Moose and JRock….. two of the main protagonists in the ultimate paen to ‘FUCK THAT RADIO’


So fasten your seatbelts, this could be a real train wreck of a ride or it could be a headrush, just as uncertain as we would expect from the masters themselves.


Thanks as always to the #TRRFam for suggestions and continued contributions to the mirth and mayhem. The clock is ticking……..

You can follow the crazies on Twitter via: CLICK HERE FOR #TRRFam

The Team Rock Fam Ultimate Playlist



In honour of the people who help(ed) make Friday such a freakingly awesome day on Team Rock Radio with #FreeSpinFriday, here’s the #TRRFam’s homage to the 3 still in limbo……

Thanks to those involved, you know who you are… you are the people that helped make Team Rock Radio what it is/was

Yes, it’s your fault!!

So here it is

Thanks to the fam:

@crazymoobark @steterjas @mrsbarkel @joannacritchley @MentalJargon @ScurvyPete13 @scouse_smurf @MatAllton @hashtagwilbert @geoff2295 @obscurethingy @hughjarsol @SimonCrockford @seanayling @jamesheeley1 @FULMETALHACKETT @VikkiYates @ronnievamp @JuicyCorriander @simonstart1

and of course the kids who still refuse to come in for their tea @Moose_Rocks @Jimbob1000 and @dewsburyrock