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Record Of The Week: THE PEARL HARTS – LARA






InbetweenTheScreams makes no secret of the fact that it loves THE PEARL HARTS in all their dirty, sleazy, grungy skin and string majesty. It laps up every sneer, every snarl, every shot that burns the back of the throat. And as THE PEARL HARTS put the finishing touches to their highly anticipated debut album, currently due to kick down your defenses Feb 2018, we are buzzed to make the latest release, LARA our RECORD OF THE WEEK

So let them introduce you to LARA. ‘She’ll wipe the smile from your face.’

…. now go buy the single by clicking the image below..

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You can find out more about the band via:

Their Web Site: HERE

Their Twitter Account: HERE

On Facebook: HERE

Their YouTube Channel: HERE












When THOSE DAMN CROWS released their almighty debut album, MURDER AND THE MOTIVE, in 2016, amidst the riff-fest and chest-beating ode to everything good about ROCK stood a track that really hit deep into my psyche. So much so that it took on the aural manifestation of everything I had been screaming for a number of years: ROCK N ROLL AIN’T DEAD.

InbetweenTheScreams is buzzed to see the Welsh warriors of rock this week release a lyric video to accompany the anthemic ROCK N ROLL AIN’T DEAD and we are equally pleased to make it this weeks Record Of The Week.

So, crank it up and get ready to wake the neighbours as you blast out the chorus.

Who said rock n roll is dead?

Not fucking us and not THOSE DAMN CROWS!!



Record of the Week: KING KING – BROKEN






InbetweenTheScreams has always been a huge fan of KING KING and there was never a doubt that the latest song to be taken off the phenomenal new album, EXILE and GRACE would become our RECORD OF THE WEEK

So here it is for your enjoyment.

Full album review coming soon.











20th October sees SKARLETT RIOT release the second song off their imminent REGENERATE album and follows on from the brutal assault that was Break with another monster slice of metal.

WARRIOR sees vocalist Skarlett call upon her own troubled personal experiences to summon up a pantheon to survival and sitting atop a seething rage of a melody it is in your face from the opening bars.

As Skarlett herself says, Warrior was written as an uplifting message to fans and anyone listening that no matter what life throws at you, no matter how hard times get, you’ll get through it, you’ll come out stronger in the end. The lyrics were written about my personal experience of being bullied at school from a young age, and how small and unimportant that made me feel at the time. I want people to know they’re not alone and when they listen to this song I want them to feel braver and stronger

Here at InbetweenTheScreams we marked out WARRIOR as one of the standout tracks of the REGENERATE album but don’t take our word for it,listen yourself…



And check out our REGENERATE album review for full details on this stunning release, due to land 27th October.










Back in August 2016 InbetweenTheScreams made The Wounded, a track taken off the then imminent ‘Sentience EP’ Single of The Week, stating

On the back of the deserved success of the brutal, riff-fest that is their well-received and much lauded latest EP, Sentience, Skarlett, Luke, Danny and Martin smash another aural onslaught of metal into your face and demand you listen.

And listen we indeed have been, to a band use their thirst for playing live to not only swell a hungry mass of support but also to shape their sound into a crushing wall of power that simply lifts and sweeps you along on a wave of energy that is impossible to resist.

The last twelve months has seen a blur of activity for Skarlett Riot, with increasing exposure and media acclaim culminating in a world-wide recording contract with Swedish progressing label Despotz Records.

The first fruits of this new relationship is REGENERATE, SKARLETT RIOT’s monster of an album released on 27th October, a sneering, stomping, brutally crushing ten tracks of pure power.

If ever there was an album whose tone is set from such a skull-pummeling drum sound this is it. Whoever pissed off sticksman Luke before he recorded his drum tracks deserves a pint or three. If they survived. The onslaught is relentless and the power in the foundations of Skarlett Riot’s sound epitomises the whole gearing up of the bands aural direction. Let’s make no mistakes: Skarlett Riot have always been out and out rock, but as other bands appear to be taking a step back, Skarlett and the boys have intensified their sound, kicked it up a gear and are rampaging down the road and heading straight for your door.

Wow this album rocks. Seriously, seriously rocks.

At times you think that aforementioned Luke and his rhythm partner in crime Martin Shepherd are creating a wall of sound that will simply wash away anything guitar maestro Danny and vocalist Skarlett can add to the battering ram of a sound rushing forth from your speakers but no fear on either part. Danny’s playing has a seering dexterity that weaves such lush tones into the mix over some huge riffs, producing an elevated foil for the powerhouse of vocals that is Skarlett.

No riot born of discontent here. From the first lyric of album opener and current release Break, to the closing track Warrior, Skarlett pins you to the floor and cuts sweet slices of vocals deep into your skin and you will absolutely love every brutal second of it.

Personal favourites for me: What Lies Beneath with Skarlett imploring you to believe her, undoubtedly at your own cost if you don’t;  Affliction, which allows Skarlett’s vocals to really stand tall and the closing track, Warrior and its breast-thumping warning to those who wrong us.

Skarlett Riot are a band clearly on the cusp of taking that step into the larger venues as headliners and they command not only a sound that is more than capable of delivering from those stages but, in Skarlett, they have a vocalist who will hold a crowd in her hand as she entwines and enthralls.

Check out the first taster off Regenerate below.


This is a must buy album for 2017.

InbetweenTheScreams verdict: A monstrously well deserved 9/10


Skarlett Riot are:

Skarlett – Lead Vocals/Guitars
Danny – Guitars/Backing Vocals
Martin Shepherd – Bass/Backing Vocals
Luke – Drums


Catch them on tour this winter:


With Toseland

November 10th – Bedford, Esquires (with Toseland)
November 12th – Oxford, Academy 2 (with Toseland)
November 14th – York, Fibbers (with Toseland)
November 15th – Stoke, Sugarmill (with Toseland)

With Santa Cruz

December 5th – Nottingham, Rescue Rooms
December 6th – Milton Keynes, Craufurd Arms
December 7th – Grimsby, Yardbirds
December 8th – Sheffield, Corporation
December 9th – Birmingham, Flapper
December 10th – Glasgow, Cathouse
December 12th – Manchester, Academy 3
December 13th – London, The Underworld
December 14th – Chester, Live Rooms
December 15th – Swansea, Sin City
December 16th – Bournemouth, Anvil
December 17th – Norwich, Waterfront Studio


You can catch up with more Skarlett Riot news via


Facebook: CLICK HERE


PR via Mik Gaffney at DropDeafPR

The Inbetween The Screams ‘Single of the Week’: THE PEARL HARTS – HIT THE BOTTLE

InbetweenTheScreams is immensely happy to have stumbled across this weeks Single of the Week and hereby issue a screaming declaration that you better get yourselves dug in because THE PEARL HARTS are about to kick your fucking defences down, tear your perceptions apart and fuck up your world. And you are going to FUCKING LOVE IT!!!

In rock there are a few unequivocal truths amidst a sea of smoke and mirror lies and subterfuge. Number one is… true talent will never be ignored for long, no matter how the music industry may try. Secondly…strip any decent band back to the basics and you’ll be left with a rock solid drummer and a wild heart of a front person. And that is exactly what THE PEARL HARTS is, two wolves in sheeps clothing about to rip your hearts out after leading you on the night out of a lifetime. OUTLAWS outside your front door, just waiting!

The fact that THE PEARL HARTS are in such demand by the likes of Skunk Anansie, Garbage and Stereophonics as an opening act is a clear indicator of the ability of this duo to put over a powerhouse of a sound and deliver it live, night after night and their first release off their impending debut album, HIT THE BOTTLE, is a showcase of what to expect,with Sara laying down a barrage of brutal stick work, throughout which Kirsty delivers her six string attack and vocal invocation to wanton hedonism; dirty, sweaty blues-tinged, punk-hearted, beautiful armageddon.

There are big things ahead for this band, huge things and InbetweenTheScreams can’t wait to get its hands on the album and…..

…in the meantime we are thrilled to announce that prior to the album release we will be bringing you an interview with Sara and Kirsty, digging into their past, their road to where they are, what lights their fire and trips their switches and what lies ahead.

And here is this weeks Single of The Week – THE PEARL HARTS: HIT THE BOTTLE


You can find out more about the band via:

Their Web Site: HERE

Their Twitter Account: HERE

On Facebook: HERE

Their YouTube Channel: HERE


Preview of the interview coming soon!!



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InbetweenTheScreams Record Of The Week: VERBAL DELIRIUM – IMAGES FROM A GREY WORLD

The InbetweenTheScreams Record of the Week is a stunner of a song from VERBAL DELIRIUM, IMAGES FROM A GREY WORLD, taken from their monumental third album, THE IMPRISONED WORDS OF FEAR released through BAD ELEPHANT RECORDS today, 7th October 2016.


Absolutely worth checking out, particularly if you gravitate towards the seventies Prog end of the music spectrum.

Find out more by visiting the bands website by CLICKING HERE

Verbal Delirium is:


Jargon – Vocals, Keyboards, Piano
George ‘La Trappe’ – Bass
George ‘K’ – Guitars (except Track 1)
Nikos Terzis – Piano
Nikolas Nikolopoulos – Flute, Saxophone, Mellotron
Stelios ‘Primordial’ – Drums


Many thanks to Bad Elephant for the album preview.

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InbetweenTheScreams Former Record of the Week: IDLEWAR – ON OUR KNEES

InbetweenTheScreams is immensely happy to bring you this weeks Record of the Week by one of our favourite US bands out there kicking down the doors of the music industry and making a big name for themselves in the process, IDLEWAR.

With the second single taken off their soon to be released IMPULSE debut album, IDLEWAR bring you ON OUR KNEES, a stomping, snarling beast of a track from Orange County’s finest.

Check it out…. It’s gets a 9/10 InbetweenTheScreams rating!!!

IMPULSE is a truly barn stormer of an album and you can catch a full review on InbetweenTheScreams very soon, it is stunning.

PLUS there will be details of their first ever UK tour, including an appearance at this years Planet RockStock.

For all the details of how you can order your copy check out my previous post by CLICKING HERE

Don’t miss these guys!!

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The InbetweenTheScreams Record of the Week: THOSE DAMN CROWS – FEAR OF THE BROKEN

I have been involved in music in one form or another for more years than I care to mention and I have to hold my hands up and admit that it is easy to become a little numbed by the continual reviews, previews and endless onslaught of music that comes into my world. So when Mik from Factory Music Management pinged me to say I really should check a band out ahead of the debut album I didn’t exactly break sweat downloading the album.

And for that I owe Those Damn Crows an apology and maybe a few litres of whatever rocket fuel this five-piece are drinking down in Bridgend.

If you had told me back in January that a debut album from a relatively unknown Welsh band of rock musicians who play rock the way it should be would be up there vying for the InbetweenTheScreams Album of the Year I would have looked at you rather quizzically with an amused smile rippling my lips. Go on with you…….away now.


Take note of this all you lovers of rock in its purest and most brutal form… in a year that has had new releases from Deftones, Killswitch Engage, Rival Sons, Anthrax, Beartooth, Volbeat, Megadeth, Prong, The Cult and the mighty Katatonia….. and many more, all bands I hold in the highest esteem as the pinnacle of what floats my boat, the forthcoming debut album MURDER AND THE MOTIVE from Those Damn Crows is up there in the top tier of releases. And despite some monumental albums due for release in the coming months, including the mouth-watering release from ADTR, I simply cannot see anything knocking this riff-fest of a storming album out of the top three albums of the year.



I will be doing a full album review soon (watch the usual channels for details) but in the meantime check out an early release from the album, FEAR OF THE BROKEN



Shane Greenhall – Vocals

Ian ‘Shiner’ Thomas – Guitar

Ronnie Huxford – Drums

Lloyd Wood – Bass

David Winchurch – Guitar

These guys are building up a mighty noise for themselves in the music media and deservedly so and this album will make you realise why. A stop you dead in your tracks monster of an album that combines a vocalist that is almost untouchable in modern rock and a band delivering the type of aural walls of brutal yet melodic rock that headline bands selling out festivals would kill for.


MURDER AND THE MOTIVE is released on the 26th September

Check back soon for the full review.

Keep it LOUD!!!


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Many thanks to Mik at Factory Music Management

You can follow the band via Twitter: By Clicking Here

Full contact details forthcoming via the full album review.


InbetweenTheScreams has always been a passionate supporter of UNDER A BANNER and their folk rock hewn slice of sonic perfection and with the release of their eagerly awaited third album, THE WILD PLACES just over a month away (30th September via Bad Elephant Music), we are proud to present the superb SNOW SONG, the first track to see the light of day from the album as this weeks record of the week.

We are also excited to announce that, not only have the guys allowed us early access to the album to review, there will also be an interview with Adam Broadhurst, vocalist, guitarist and poetic lyricist of Under A Banner on not only the new album but also the bands history, influences and aspirations.



You can pre-order THE WILD PLACES via the bands record label BAD ELEPHANT MUSIC:   HERE

and you can find out more about the band: HERE

and you should definitely follow them on Twitter: HERE

Trust me, you will WANT this albumin your collection!!