We Are Primordial: Come Join Us

People have been wondering what the hell is going on with all the Primordial Radio stuff I keep putting out, wondering why I incessantly keep imploring anyone and everyone to get involved, to buy even just one share at just over £15 to help ensure that Primordial Radio gets the chance to show the rock and metal community, and everyone else, just what a massive shot in the arm it can be to a musical genre being increasingly chewed up and thrown to the wolves of profit and exploitation.

So, why you ask?

Here is my answer……..

Why Primordial Radio? What is it that makes me so desperate, yes desperate to see this radio station actually see the light of day? Is it having previously listened to Moose, Dews and Pete’s unique brand of rock radio and knowing instantly that what they offered was exactly what I wanted and finding that, apparently a whole army of listeners also wanted? Is it what kept me entertained for every working hour and most of my free time and got me through some pretty crappy times?. Is it wanting to return to the mentally amusing good elements of Team Rock? Or is it the thought that this is quite possibly the last chance the rock and metal community have to have a voice, a home that actually is for us and not just some business model loosely frameworked to give minimum content for maximum profit?
It’s a depressing fact that right now, despite a couple of niche radio shows, the mainstream radio networks do not offer us anything of substance, confining any pittance of scheduling to times that are kept well outside normal listening hours. Whatever market info they are being fed they are missing out on a number of critical factors, and these factors are exactly what will guarantee Primordial Radio success, should it achieve the funding it needs to launch.

  • Loyalty: we have always been outsiders, not just to the media establishments but to society in general. It’s the black leather jacket, studs and chains, bad guys image thing that is still perpetuated to this day. It is used to alienate us, separate us but what it actually does do is make us fiercely loyal to those who share our common interest, rock and metal and the myriad of genres that fall within that loose label; those who treat us as equals and not just as some cash cow who are so desperate for any scraps thrown to us that we will accept being exploited and robbed blind in the process; those who actually want to engage with us and build a home, a community that is actually for us, free of ego and hierarchy, a place we will always come back to. That, to me is what Primordial Radio is offering and in return they will always have my loyalty. It’s OUR home, it’s our ‘Friday night down the pub having a few beers, having a laugh with your mates to a great rock soundtrack in the background’ only this is any time we want it!
  • Longevity: We are going nowhere. We are like a great nomadic tribe wandering in the wilderness, followers of our own brand of religion, a music that enduringly binds us together and always will. Our needs never change much, the only transient thing in this great journey of ours is the place we get to stay for a while before we get moved on for a perceived more profitable market. I am sick of radio stations painting themselves out to be there for the audience when it is so blatantly obvious that they couldn’t give a damn about the listener. Team Rock was the closest thing to feeling part of something until its business model imploded but that feeling came from the dj’s – Moose, Dews and Pete. Primordial Radio has the foundations of everything we need, right there.
  • Passionate: Look around social media at the efforts to get Primordial Radio funded and to get it out on the airwaves and you will see how passionate we are. We so passionately believe in this because we have tasted what this can be and we want more but we want it Primordial Radio flavoured, an offering we are all creating together through a mutual passion for the music and an ethos that we all share.
  • Family: And whilst the main protagonists behind Primordial Radio may be the figureheads, and quite rightly so, cementing this all together is a family, a real, solid, dedicated, passionate, loyal, inspired family. We are a family brought together through a shared common interest standing side by side.

Come join us. We.Are.Primordial.

Go check out the Seedrs funding page PrimordialRadio.com/GoFundYourself and see for yourself why I am pushing like hell to see this through to launch. Even if you can only invest one share or even if you know someone who might be interested, please do whatever you can.

Thank you.

Shares, Retweets as always, very much appreciated.