Do You Remember Rock ‘n’ Roll Radio….. RIP TEAM ROCK RADIO

And so the news has unofficially broken that we all hoped wouldn’t ……but if honest, we probably expected for a while: Team Rock Radio is no more as Team Rock Limited realign themselves firmly towards the magazine and online entity they talked about during the shift off DAB. It’s not really a surprise and if you had delved even casually beneath the surface since the dj’s were pulled off air 6 weeks ago, something had to give to bring financial stability back to the group and sadly that grasp at stability has come at the expense of the scheduled radio element of Team Rock.

Our first thoughts are with those who lost their jobs as a result of this move, there were some great people involved in bringing Team Rock Radio’s unique and totally immersive and engaging style of rock radio to the airwaves. It was a formula unsurpassed anywhere around the globe on this level and I am sure every avenue must have been taken before taking the decision to terminate the radio station because that is a huge loss to Team Rock and a massive loss to the rock community.

Over the last month or so, while the radio station reverted to a dj’less loop of non-stop music as Team Rock went through a consultation period and the first staff¬† losses were brought in, I think most people have looked elsewhere to find an alternative to the music radio formula that had had them hooked every day. But there is absolutely nothing like it and it would be a tragic waste of an engaged and eager rock community that has been built up, if this format isn’t taken up and continued. I am sure that it will be picked up because it offered a very tangible experience, the feeling of actually being part of something, an immersive experience just like listening to the music you love with your mates and new friends picked up along the crazy journey it took you on. That journey will continue for sure……….. just not under the Team Rock banner.

And so a huge thanks to those who made every day a mental headlong rush through rock, metal and all tangents off the glorious musical path we choose to tread.

To Moose and JRock, who made getting up for 7am as close to a pleasure as getting up for work could be and who brought us some of the most addictively chaotic yet consistently groundbreaking radio it has been the pleasure to listen in to and engage with. It has been an absolute train-wreck of a pleasure to be a willing passenger on this epic quest to push the boundaries of rock radio.

To Dewsbury: BIIIIIIIIIIIG D himself, the Yorkshire Yeti, biker, booth builder and bloody great metalhead and all round good bloke to boot. Wellnot literally to boot……just look at the size of him. It’s hard to imagine the journey home without Dews’¬† own brand of mental metal mayhem soundtracking the journey. The man with an almost encyclopedic knowledge of rock and an unquenchable thirst for all things thirst quenching. I am damn sure this is not the end of the radio journey we have shared so far.

To Miss Rach, to Pete Bailey, SophieK and The Islington Arsonist, Muggs…… you guys don’t just rock, you ROCK rocking! From a listeners perspective, you created some crazy memories and an ability to make time pass so quickly and brought some phenomenally good music to the airwaves………………… and some not so good!! I look forward to following where music takes you next.

And to all those who aided and abetted in the creation and kept the whole train rolling, the dj’s fronting the magazine programmes, to Gary Cool, Billy Rankin, Chris Jericho….. I raise my glass and drink a toast to the good times.

Personally as a music lover, I think Team Rock have thrown away the holy grail, a totally engaged community of loyal and ever growing followers who totally got and actively and wholeheartedly participated in constructing this uniqueness and created a community, a family even. It would be a travesty if this ended here…… but hey,they are obviously planning on milking the recorded material they have in the system and moving to a pre-recorded basis going forward. That’s not rock radio, sorry and definitely not what I imagine the heart of the listeners want either.

Incredibly disappointing.

Someone needs to round them up before they wander off…..







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  1. Brilliant piece mate, says exactly how it is! No other station has the amazing interaction we all enjoyed, and I witnessed this first hand on the first morning I moved over from PR when the guys played my FSF request. I vowed back then never to go back to PR, and as long as they have dj’s who are more interested in their own hype than their listeners, then I won’t. Hopefully someone will recognise the value and talents of the TR guys and give them a gig somewhere. I know there are 1 or 2 of us who would love to hear them back on the air…..

    1. Cheers Si, I think it’s very much the M&J formula that was shared by all the dj’s that is impossible to replace. Maybe not replacing it is the recipe for success….

  2. gutted!!! I can’t find anything even close to team rock radio, i found new artists through them which encouraged me to get out to gigs again! Purely selfishly what am I gonna do now?. As for the team I hope they find employment very very soon and if in an environment we can join them in, then let us all know please! Have missed you guys for weeks and will continue to do so. Thank you for the laughs and the music x

    1. Agreed. Scoured the global rock radio listings and nothing even scratches the surface of what we have lost. Keep watching though, hopefully something will bring us all back together sooner rather than later.

  3. The worse thing to happen to the metal scene since the loss of Lemmy. TRR was intrumental in breathing life into a scene that realy was under-represented on the airwaves. Rediculously high licencing for dab stations has killed the ability for Alt music genres to reach a wider audience and the resolute failure of the “digital revolution” that DAB was supposed to be.

    1. Totally agree but hopefully something will be along in the not too distant that takes all the elements of TRR that worked; the interaction,the feeling of being part of something different, the inventiveness and real ‘family’ vibe and create something without the overbearing commercial responsibilities and over-reaching ambitions.

  4. Looks like I’ll be getting more use of my Google music subscription from now on.

    Disappointing news, having moose for company on my drive to work, and Big C – sorry, Big D on my way home made it so much fun.

    I wonder if any of them will move to other stations?

    – Skalamanga.

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