HANKKS: Love Shy But No Road to Perdition Wilson

In an InbetweenTheScreams interview on ITS:TV, recorded in 2019 at the celebration party hosted by their hero Tom Hanks to mark the end of Birmingham band HANKKS world conquering and record breaking tour, an implausibly laid back Ben James, Jacob Evitts, and brothers James and Harry Davison put their well deserved success down to the incredible reception their first EP: Wilson received. Citing in particular the sea of support the guitar driven indie rock foursome picked up on the back of the monumental Love Shy, the youngsters were keen to downplay the fact that they are in a league of their own.

And while the above may be an aspiration of HANKKS, there is no mistaking the obvious; these guys have a serious shot at taking their infectious flavour of indie-rock all the way, a sound not a million miles away from how you would imagine the bastard offspring of a Supergrass and Pulp love-in on steroids  would sound, cranked up to 11 and smashed straight into your face.

If the Wilson EP is a marker set down, then the airplay they are already receiving should give them a clear indication that what they have is definitely in demand.




Check out Love Shy below and make sure you catch the band live.


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