If you are a fan of this years bubblegum pop-rock kids and their trite and predictable branding then you may as well stop reading now. IDLEWAR are as far removed from the plethora of the band of bland as they come.

Wearing their straight ahead, dirty riff-laden ROCK proudly on their sleeve, IDLEWAR put their music firmly in your face and you one hundred percent believe they mean every word, every note, every chord, every second of it.

Idlewar 2

The latest release from the Orange County trio, Out Of My Head, comes from their debut EP, Dig In, released in 2015 and it is gaining considerable   Idlewar Dig Inairplay around the globe on a groundswell of support for the band that has mainstream rock channels pricking up their ears appreciatively. Add to that a visit to the UK this year and IDLEWAR are sure to be making a pretty damn big impact on the rock scene.

If you’ve yet to catch the noise being made about them then check out their new single below and make sure you give them a follow and your support; like, share, retweet, just get these guys out there!


James Blake: Bass, Vocals

Rick Graham: Guitar

Pete Pagonis: Drums

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