If It Was My Band…. by Emma Scott: An InbetweenTheScreams Book Review

A passion for music brings with it a plethora of emotions, a propensity to consume vast amounts of free time and, often copious amount of not so free money and that is just from the perspective of a listener. Take that passion to the next level by picking up and learning an instrument and you are on the much trodden path to the heady delights of forming a band. Let’s face it, what pimply prepubescent youngster didn’t put on their big sisters make-up and spangly jacket, pick up that tennis racket and rock out in front of the mirror giving it the full Marc Bolan at The Marquee? Come on, you’re fooling nobody, put your hand down. Hmmmmm….. there are more recent points of reference for you to identify with in that scenario, so moving quickly on from my carbon dating….

I was lucky, I formed a band that did ok, nothing spectacular but enough to be on the verge of a European tour and record deal before spectacularly and irreversibly imploding. But that came with a huge amount of effort, both in terms of time and money and we made some huge mistakes that cost us dearly, literally. It was also like pulling teeth at times, dealing with promoters, agents and the like with no real knowledge, no experience and no safety net if we made a mistake.

How much less frustrating would it have been if there had been a handy point of reference, a ‘bands bible’, if you will, to guide us through the potential pitfalls and allow us to capitalise on the good bits and stop us making mistakes. And Emma Scott has done just that with her superb little book, ‘If it was my band…’.

‘If it was my band….’ guides you through every stage of taking that step up from bedroom to band breakthrough, loving music to making a living from music. With the help of anecdotes taken from well known luminaries in the music industry, her own extensive and varied experience within music and written in a humorous but very informative style, Emma pulls together that, although it won’t guarantee success, it will ensure that you have the best information at hand to allow you to not only deal with but also capitalise on the common encounters in band life. With sections on band members, gigging, building momentum and support, management and turning it into a profession among others, this book will give any band an edge in a world saturated with bands all trying to get their name known and music heard.

You’d be crazy not to want that advantage, right? You would pay handsomely for that, right? So if I said Emma was almost giving away her book at an almost laughably low £8.99 you’d be out of here to order it via www.ifitwasmyband.com like a shot, right…..?


Hello….are you still there?



That’s the right choice!!

From Emma’s own blurb…

If It Was My Band is a fun read, filled with top tips on all aspects of the music business. It is the compass and map that every aspiring successful musician should have, to help them reach their destination: making music their full time job.