20th October sees SKARLETT RIOT release the second song off their imminent REGENERATE album and follows on from the brutal assault that was Break with another monster slice of metal.

WARRIOR sees vocalist Skarlett call upon her own troubled personal experiences to summon up a pantheon to survival and sitting atop a seething rage of a melody it is in your face from the opening bars.

As Skarlett herself says, Warrior was written as an uplifting message to fans and anyone listening that no matter what life throws at you, no matter how hard times get, you’ll get through it, you’ll come out stronger in the end. The lyrics were written about my personal experience of being bullied at school from a young age, and how small and unimportant that made me feel at the time. I want people to know they’re not alone and when they listen to this song I want them to feel braver and stronger

Here at InbetweenTheScreams we marked out WARRIOR as one of the standout tracks of the REGENERATE album but don’t take our word for it,listen yourself…



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