Record Of The Week: THE PEARL HARTS – LARA






InbetweenTheScreams makes no secret of the fact that it loves THE PEARL HARTS in all their dirty, sleazy, grungy skin and string majesty. It laps up every sneer, every snarl, every shot that burns the back of the throat. And as THE PEARL HARTS put the finishing touches to their highly anticipated debut album, currently due to kick down your defenses Feb 2018, we are buzzed to make the latest release, LARA our RECORD OF THE WEEK

So let them introduce you to LARA. ‘She’ll wipe the smile from your face.’

…. now go buy the single by clicking the image below..

                                                                                                           click above



You can find out more about the band via:

Their Web Site: HERE

Their Twitter Account: HERE

On Facebook: HERE

Their YouTube Channel: HERE





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