PRIMORDIAL RADIO?: The Press Release

On the back of a very successful Seedrs funding campaign that saw Primordial Radio significantly over fund, reaching a stunning total of £150,000 again the initial target of £130,000, Primordial Radio have issued a Press Release to the music and radio community, as follows:

Rock and Metal Community Totally Smashes Primordial Radio’s Funding Target


Primordial Radio, a brand new UK radio station for the rock and metal community has successfully overfunded their crowd equity target of 130k.  A staggering 853 investors backed the project to the tune of 150k by the end of the campaign, with all of them buying into the idea of combining the freedom and control of digital streaming with the intimacy and personality of radio.


Primordial’s key executive team, all of whom were made redundant last year when TeamRock went into receivership, has a wealth of experience within the rock industry and completely understand the challenges of delivering a rock and metal station using the traditional model and decided to turn the format on its head!


“Traditionally, media companies garner support from industry and advertisers, build a radio station, and then search for its audience.” said Primordial’s Chief Executive, Hugh ‘Moose’ Evans.  “We simply decided to first find the audience, ask them what they wanted, and build from there.   We now have a loyal and dedicated community, have begun building the service, and are ready to introduce Primordial to the rest of the world.”


“The commercial radio choices for the rock and metal community have been so limited throughout the years and there have been several false dawns and let-downs.  With Primordial the community owns the station and will be collectively responsible for it on every level.  This community, like many other niche genres, has been marginalised and dismissed.  Our modest success to date is testament to the passion and loyalty of the rock and metal community and proves people will support a good quality rock and metal station.”


The next stage for the team is to develop its service technology and membership platforms.  Beyond that the agenda will be set by the opinions, reactions, and needs of its community.   Primordial will be flexible and reactive.


Primordial Radio is a premium rock and metal service that provides personality led radio, podcasts, video, and events. The station will generate revenues from membership, competitions, events, merchandise, and sponsorship.


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