Back in August 2016 InbetweenTheScreams made The Wounded, a track taken off the then imminent ‘Sentience EP’ Single of The Week, stating

On the back of the deserved success of the brutal, riff-fest that is their well-received and much lauded latest EP, Sentience, Skarlett, Luke, Danny and Martin smash another aural onslaught of metal into your face and demand you listen.

And listen we indeed have been, to a band use their thirst for playing live to not only swell a hungry mass of support but also to shape their sound into a crushing wall of power that simply lifts and sweeps you along on a wave of energy that is impossible to resist.

The last twelve months has seen a blur of activity for Skarlett Riot, with increasing exposure and media acclaim culminating in a world-wide recording contract with Swedish progressing label Despotz Records.

The first fruits of this new relationship is REGENERATE, SKARLETT RIOT’s monster of an album released on 27th October, a sneering, stomping, brutally crushing ten tracks of pure power.

If ever there was an album whose tone is set from such a skull-pummeling drum sound this is it. Whoever pissed off sticksman Luke before he recorded his drum tracks deserves a pint or three. If they survived. The onslaught is relentless and the power in the foundations of Skarlett Riot’s sound epitomises the whole gearing up of the bands aural direction. Let’s make no mistakes: Skarlett Riot have always been out and out rock, but as other bands appear to be taking a step back, Skarlett and the boys have intensified their sound, kicked it up a gear and are rampaging down the road and heading straight for your door.

Wow this album rocks. Seriously, seriously rocks.

At times you think that aforementioned Luke and his rhythm partner in crime Martin Shepherd are creating a wall of sound that will simply wash away anything guitar maestro Danny and vocalist Skarlett can add to the battering ram of a sound rushing forth from your speakers but no fear on either part. Danny’s playing has a seering dexterity that weaves such lush tones into the mix over some huge riffs, producing an elevated foil for the powerhouse of vocals that is Skarlett.

No riot born of discontent here. From the first lyric of album opener and current release Break, to the closing track Warrior, Skarlett pins you to the floor and cuts sweet slices of vocals deep into your skin and you will absolutely love every brutal second of it.

Personal favourites for me: What Lies Beneath with Skarlett imploring you to believe her, undoubtedly at your own cost if you don’t;  Affliction, which allows Skarlett’s vocals to really stand tall and the closing track, Warrior and its breast-thumping warning to those who wrong us.

Skarlett Riot are a band clearly on the cusp of taking that step into the larger venues as headliners and they command not only a sound that is more than capable of delivering from those stages but, in Skarlett, they have a vocalist who will hold a crowd in her hand as she entwines and enthralls.

Check out the first taster off Regenerate below.


This is a must buy album for 2017.

InbetweenTheScreams verdict: A monstrously well deserved 9/10


Skarlett Riot are:

Skarlett – Lead Vocals/Guitars
Danny – Guitars/Backing Vocals
Martin Shepherd – Bass/Backing Vocals
Luke – Drums


Catch them on tour this winter:


With Toseland

November 10th – Bedford, Esquires (with Toseland)
November 12th – Oxford, Academy 2 (with Toseland)
November 14th – York, Fibbers (with Toseland)
November 15th – Stoke, Sugarmill (with Toseland)

With Santa Cruz

December 5th – Nottingham, Rescue Rooms
December 6th – Milton Keynes, Craufurd Arms
December 7th – Grimsby, Yardbirds
December 8th – Sheffield, Corporation
December 9th – Birmingham, Flapper
December 10th – Glasgow, Cathouse
December 12th – Manchester, Academy 3
December 13th – London, The Underworld
December 14th – Chester, Live Rooms
December 15th – Swansea, Sin City
December 16th – Bournemouth, Anvil
December 17th – Norwich, Waterfront Studio


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