Spirit Of Radio: A New (Community) Model Army

Ali, the rare constant throughout my life apart from music and perhaps an unacknowledged thirst for chaos over calm, despairs of these moments; the pause between breaths; the sudden idea leaping into consciousness; the moment the dream never fully realised, never completely measured yet never ever relinquished thus cast into the pit of possibilities and revisited randomly in ‘what next’ moments, returns…….moments just like this.

These are the moments that are dangerous to all around, the moments when the blue touch paper is lit and those I have brought in in a fevered tidal wave of excitement and measured BS1potential are bound to the rocket that is about to explode into their world. I never walk through an idea, I embrace it completely, wholeheartedly and relentlessly and race through it repeatedly, clattering into every hurdle until a solution to everything is found and the implausible becomes an absolutely possible reality.

Although it scares the life out of Ali, with her legal mind and research background, I’m a seat of the pants type person but that is completely underpinned with a knowledge that nothing I have yet tried has failed and I don’t intend to start failing now.

So I have been thinking a lot about music delivery and more specifically internet radio recently, due to obvious circumstances and a dirth of alternatives that come anywhere near the standards that I find engaging enough to keep me interested. And so I took that breath….

And another…..

And I slept on it, a little….. difficult in the heat but more so with the voice inside screaming at me, DO IT!

And after a short time I knew that what was in my heart, what was firmly in my mind was something eminently achievable….. albeit with the right people involved.FTR1

And the people who need to be involved are you, the very people who appreciate what brought us together and the things that made it work, that made it so engagingly, interactively different, that created a community out of the bond with like-minded individuals, a family, a feeling of inclusivity, a feeling of genuinely being part of something that, with the right intent could grow into something we all felt we had invested in and had pride in being associated with.

And to those just along for the ride it was a hugely entertaining experience where the people and music were what mattered.

I am one hundred percent positive that that is still achievable and something that could be nurtured from the ground up and become huge, game-changing even; a community radio type model with every listener as part of the future and success as they want to become invested in being; where input into the foundations and continuity of that success brings its own rewards but where we all continue to encourage and nurture the continued success for the benefit of all.

Sound interesting? Something you would sign up for, maybe consider a very small investment in, subscribe to? We don’t need that many people involved initially to get this off the ground and we have the proven ability to get momentum behind something we believe in,don’t we. Look where it has brought us so far….

Up for it?

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