Sweet Little Machine – Pulling No Punches In The Punk Pop Battle

It’s a pretty crowded ring that there Punk Pop battleground and as one challenger enters a dozen tired pretenders are sent crashing into cheap seats. It takes more than just a penchant for dischord and cliche to stand out and there is no end in sight of the bands lining up to grab a slice of the limited airwaves unsigned acts get.

Sweet Little Machine deserve their shot at the title. Tight and edgy musically, lyrically punchy and targeted, they proudly wear the uniform of a generation and wear it well. And if the buzz building around this Sheffield foursome holds any weight, there are big things in store.

Check out their new single, In God We Trust and catch them on tour this summer.



Tour Dates

August 5th – The Leopard – Doncaster
August 6th – The Live Room – Manchester
August 7th – The Turf Hotel – Burnley
August 12th – The Lincoln Imp – Scunthorpe
August 19th – Percy’s Cafe Bar – Whitchurch
August 20th – The Scene Club – Swansea
August 25th – O’Rileys – Hull
August 27th – Lounge 41 – Workington
August 28th – Lifest – Birmingham
September 2nd – Pi Bar – Leicester
September 3rd – The Black Swan – Bradford


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