Team Rock: An Abject Lesson In Poor Communication

Most people who listen to rock radio in the UK will be aware that 5 weeks ago last Friday, Team Rock Radio pulled it’s DJ’s from the air and reverted to a looped cycle of talk free radio while they ‘rebranded’. This initially was communicated as a 1 week exercise but at the same time all freelance staff were laid off, including a number of the daytime presenters. Not an unheard of exercise in streamlining dressed up in the clothes of image change.

Then all communication pretty much ceased and 5 weeks later Team Rock Radio still has no responses to numerous requests by concerned listeners about what is happening and when a ‘normal service’ is likely to resume.

And that can only lead to one conclusion and that is the sad reality that Team Rock Radio is dead.

Team Rock had a large core of the listeners who felt extremely engaged by and invested in Team Rock Radio, almost entirely because of a rapport built with and nurtured by the dj’s, to such an extent any prolonged absence shrouded in silence was bound to lead to people asking questions and doing some digging and discover realities.

Sadly, those facts are that Team Rock Limited is in the midst of a catastrophic financial problem to the tune of £8m. This isn’t a rebranding exercise, this is a last ditch attempt to save a failing business that has vastly overreached in an extremely challenging market. And at a time when Team Rock should be looking to retain the support of listeners, listeners who are often also readers of the magazines that look to form the mainstay of the business revenue, they shut up shop and refuse to engage in any way with listeners. An attitude maybe indicative of a poor business sense at best and a premeditated negligent one at worst.

Everyone fully understands the sensitivity and implications of a business going into a consultation phase and obviously the first thought is for the people who have already lost their jobs and also those at risk but when announcements are said to be going to be made and then they are not, it starts to seem like listeners are just being strung along to stop them going elsewhere. Not sure what that will achieve in the long run with no radio station but the outcome is a growing sense of resentment towards Team Rock. And that was totally avoidable. In fact it is actually counter-productive as, whatever is salvaged from the legacy of Team Rock, it will still require the involvement of the same people now feeling alienated to take the subscriptions, put money into the games or to fulfill the other elements of the sustainability model and from talking to a lot of other listeners, I am not sure there is any goodwill left, as people look for an alternative amidst the silence.

And so it’s time to face that reality, that while it was an amazingly exhilarating ride with Moose, JRock, Dewsbury, PeteC, Miss Rach, Sophie K, Muggs and the multitude of others who supplied content, this is the end of the road for Team Rock Radio and we need to think about what is next for us.

What a shockingly woeful treatment of the lifeblood of any business, the end user but in life, you reap what you sow.