You know those moments in time that forever become etched in your brain, where something you have been frantically waiting to happen crashes through the silence and pins you to the floor like the dog you haven’t seen for ages, licking eagerly at your face, welcoming you home? You know, as profound as the moment that the person behind the bar at Download fixes you in their sight across the heaving crowd at the bar as you think you might never get that pint and says, ‘Sorry mate, I know you’ve been waiting a while, what can I get you?’

Yeah moments as significant as that?

Well strap yourself in to your favourite chair, CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW and get your ears around the PRIMORDIAL RADIO PRE-LAUNCH MUSIC STREAM. Yes that’s right, PRIMORDIAL RADIO is one step closer to flooding the airwaves with the music YOU WANT TO HEAR.

So listen up then get the fuck up and tell everyone you know to jump up and stump up even a meagre amount to ensure that PRIMORDIAL RADIO can fuck that shit up and launch.


And check out the PRIMORDIAL RADIO Seedrs funding page by clicking on the link below