The Bluebook Project: Identified High-Flying Object

The music industry is a strange world to inhabit, full of frequently impenetrable forces; run by aliens often seemingly detatched from the realities of this planet, even in the often surreal and strange world of rock and metal….. Baby Metal, right? Sometimes bands appear to have been beamed down from some otherworldly Planet Hype, looking the part but devoid of substance and value, arriving in an almighty fanfare of noise and grand BBPSideproclamations. They usually last long enough to leach some of the lifeblood out of the already struggling music industry then disappear back to where they came from, ignonimity.

Others, however, circle the music world, building momentum, picking up more and more attention as they grow stronger, honing their craft, creating a genuine interest and clamour. The Bluebook Project are just such a band and they are a band that cannot be ignored.

The Bluebook Project hale from Bedfordshire, forming in 2013. Taking their name from The US Air Force investigation into UFO’s, there is something instantly identifiable about this band and that is the potential to make an imminent major breakthrough. Their latest single, Pockets of Dirty Change, sees bassist and lead vocalist Daniel Thorn, rhythm guitarist Daniel Watson, lead guitar and backing vocalist Jordan Smith and drummer Benn Davis clearly mark their territory; a seething, pulsating mix of Iggy meets Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, imbued with an At The Drive-In sneer and, in Daniel’s vocal delivery and the bands wall of guitar noise, an instantly engaging appeal. Make no mistake, these guys are no one-hit wonders in the making. Check out the rest of the Take Me Away EP and it is evident that they completely know who they are and have the ability to deliver, big time.

Check out the new single via Soundcloud: CLICK HERE

Having completed two tours sharing the stage with Slaves and Coasts over the last year, it is well worth checking these guys out live. They carry the energy captured in their recorded work over onto the live stage and these guys crush it!

So get that dirty change out of your pockets and go and support The Bluebook Project, follow the guys and let’s get them onto the bigger stages where they most definitely belong!

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