The Inbetween The Screams ‘Single of the Week’: THE PEARL HARTS – HIT THE BOTTLE

InbetweenTheScreams is immensely happy to have stumbled across this weeks Single of the Week and hereby issue a screaming declaration that you better get yourselves dug in because THE PEARL HARTS are about to kick your fucking defences down, tear your perceptions apart and fuck up your world. And you are going to FUCKING LOVE IT!!!

In rock there are a few unequivocal truths amidst a sea of smoke and mirror lies and subterfuge. Number one is… true talent will never be ignored for long, no matter how the music industry may try. Secondly…strip any decent band back to the basics and you’ll be left with a rock solid drummer and a wild heart of a front person. And that is exactly what THE PEARL HARTS is, two wolves in sheeps clothing about to rip your hearts out after leading you on the night out of a lifetime. OUTLAWS outside your front door, just waiting!

The fact that THE PEARL HARTS are in such demand by the likes of Skunk Anansie, Garbage and Stereophonics as an opening act is a clear indicator of the ability of this duo to put over a powerhouse of a sound and deliver it live, night after night and their first release off their impending debut album, HIT THE BOTTLE, is a showcase of what to expect,with Sara laying down a barrage of brutal stick work, throughout which Kirsty delivers her six string attack and vocal invocation to wanton hedonism; dirty, sweaty blues-tinged, punk-hearted, beautiful armageddon.

There are big things ahead for this band, huge things and InbetweenTheScreams can’t wait to get its hands on the album and…..

…in the meantime we are thrilled to announce that prior to the album release we will be bringing you an interview with Sara and Kirsty, digging into their past, their road to where they are, what lights their fire and trips their switches and what lies ahead.

And here is this weeks Single of The Week – THE PEARL HARTS: HIT THE BOTTLE


You can find out more about the band via:

Their Web Site: HERE

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Their YouTube Channel: HERE


Preview of the interview coming soon!!



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