The InbetweenTheScreams Thrash Through Thursday Special

Here’s the inaugural two tracks to help us get through Thursday and on to Friday maddafaaaaackaaaars……..


First off is the relentless onslaught of metal that is Game Over by Machine Head from the stupendously mental 2014 album Bloodstone and Diamonds



The second is possibly in my TOP 3 METAL tracks of all time. The tempo change 3.30 in is just simply THE BEST tempo change ever. The crescendo into the finish is just a monumental climax of incredible musicianship and Randy’s tortured, twisted vocal delivery is the acidic icing on the perfect cake!!

So here is Lamb of God and Overlord from the incredible Sturm und Drang album.

Check back next Thursday for more InbetweenTheScreams Thursday Thrash tunes or get in touch to make suggestions.