The Pink Diamond Revue: Miss Lonely Hearts single review.

What do you get if you take 1 part Alien Sex Fiend, 2 parts The Cramps, 3 parts Duane Eddy and add into that mix an infusion of Sique Sique Sputnik with a sparse industrial commentary thrown in on top for good measure? You get the intriguingly heady cocktail that is The Pink Pink Diamond Review.

Who I hear you ask?

That’s The Pink Diamond Revue, made up of Reading residents Tim and Rob, along with the mysterious but seemingly other wordly, omnipresent Acid Dol. They are already gaining airplay on BBC Radio 6 and local BBC Radio stations. PDR2

When the 12″ single of their soon to released single, Miss Lonely Hearts landed on my doorstep I must admit, I wasn’t sure what to expect. My post box is usually filled with requests for reviews of rock, metal and punk but it was obvious from the press release that this was a bit of a departure from the norm. And I am so glad it was.

In Miss Lonely Hearts, The Pink Diamond Review offer up a stark aural landscape of Cramps-like melody with a bleak 60’s American infomercial style lyric. ‘Nobody seems to pull their blinds during a hot spell’, it intones repeatedly in the title track. ‘Miss Lonely Hearts, so lonely that even death sounds like a friend’.

It works. TOTALLY works. If you are a fan of the aforementioned Cramps or even B52’s then this is a must. Definitely a must. Other tracks on this 4 track 12″ alongside the Radio Edit of Miss Lonely Hearts is a Psych Mix reworking, which offers a darker moodscape with a ‘We’re not a rock n roll band’ incantation, along with 2 tracks on the B side; the more upbeat Bink and a foreboding Final Meal Request,as dark as the title suggests.

Miss Lonely Hearts is released on 24th July on Vinly, CD and Download.

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