The Team Rock Fam Ultimate Playlist



In honour of the people who help(ed) make Friday such a freakingly awesome day on Team Rock Radio with #FreeSpinFriday, here’s the #TRRFam’s homage to the 3 still in limbo……

Thanks to those involved, you know who you are… you are the people that helped make Team Rock Radio what it is/was

Yes, it’s your fault!!

So here it is

Thanks to the fam:

@crazymoobark @steterjas @mrsbarkel @joannacritchley @MentalJargon @ScurvyPete13 @scouse_smurf @MatAllton @hashtagwilbert @geoff2295 @obscurethingy @hughjarsol @SimonCrockford @seanayling @jamesheeley1 @FULMETALHACKETT @VikkiYates @ronnievamp @JuicyCorriander @simonstart1

and of course the kids who still refuse to come in for their tea @Moose_Rocks @Jimbob1000 and @dewsburyrock

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5 Responses to The Team Rock Fam Ultimate Playlist

  1. Steve May says:

    Bit of class Gary, well done.

  2. colin smith says:

    You, sir, are a leg-end! Great work! Do you not fancy setting up an online radio station? I know a few Djs looking for work. ?

  3. Russ Ballan says:

    Macy Gray admits that covering Metallica may strike some as unconventional, but “Nothing Else Matters” speaks to her on a personal level. John Fogerty’s rendition was recorded during an all-star concert set for release as ‘The Musical Mojo of Dr. John.’

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