The exTRRFAM ‘Woke Up This Morning…’ Playlist

As usual the exTRRFAM come up with an eclectic soundtrack to what was playing in their heads when they woke up one morning this past week….


Don’t judge them, it’s what makes them such a great family!!


So here it is, the exTRRFAM WOKE UP THIS MORNING playlist


If I have missed anyone, apologies, shout up and I will add them, the Twitter account has gone crazy these past few weeks and it is hard to keep up at times!!


If you want to see what is coming up, obviously not to skip through some dubious content..haha… you should be able to click in the top left corner of the YouTube playlist and it will list all playlist contents.

As usual, shares, comments, contributions most welcome.

Hopefully will be able to put together a few more next week and looking at adding some actual links in from everyone, if I can get something working over the weekend!!