THOSE DAMN CROWS: Interview and Debut Album Review (Preamble)


It’s been a weirdly odd sort of a week so far, musically. Odd in a good way. Odd can be good, right? While Monday’s are normally spent sifting through submissions and listening to the previous weeks releases, I find myself subtly displaced from the stability of this aural rock island I tend to inhabit. Actually that’s not entirely true. There has been a substantial shift and it has distorted my musical points of reference on a number of levels, not least of all my expectations from both emerging and established bands alike.


You see, last week I hit the sweet spot. Friday’s batch of releases brought with it the feverishly anticipated new vinyl, Bad Vibrations from A Day To Remember but prior to that I had received a pre-release review copy of a, to me previously unheard of and possibly relatively unknown you, Welsh band, Those Damn Crows.


If you take a brief read on these pages you will see my response to their debut album and that response has elicited an impending full album review on InbetweenTheScreams and an interview with the band. What you wont have seen is my review of an ADTR album that I had been salivating over for months prior to release, built on a platform of two incredible singles taken from it in the form of the albums opening two tracks, Bad Vibrations and the crushingly relentless Paranoia.


You see, it’s not that the A Day To Remember album isn’t as good as I had anticipated, it is everything I had expected and maybe slightly more. The issue is, it has been totally eclipsed by an album from a band that, if all was fair in the music industry, would be on their fifth sell-out world tour before retreating to their Welsh homeland studio to pen another slice of rock history in the making.


But they are not. Outside of these pages and plugging away amongst the musical mediocrity in the mainstream social media, there exists a band who have so brutally and wilfully smashed my expectations of a debut album from an unknown band that I almost feel sorry for any band sending me their future efforts. On every level, in every respect this band scream ROCK. Scratch that. This band have taken over ROCK and I don’t think it’s coming back in any form as we knew it. And you know something…………….?


I fucking love the fact that five guys from Wales are on the cusp of delivering an album of such intensity that it has opened my eyes to possibilities and simultaneously sharpened my view on what is currently being delivered and I cannot wait to bring you the review and delve deeper into the psyche of a band that can totally dominate the rock scene for years to come, yet have remained relatively hidden from view. Expect band history, influences, gear talk, highs lows and expectations and hopefully some clarity on where the fuck they have been all this time.


So check back soon and read why there’s no point in resisting, there’s a sledgehammer with ROCK’s name on it heading your way!