We Are The Ocean – ARK: Floored Genius?

What do you do when you pull out one of THE songs of 2014?

In ARK, the single taken from the acclaimed album ARK , We Are The Ocean have put together such a musically intense, lyrically majestic piece that they have set their own bar so high they have, as yet, failed to live up to that brutally obvious potential.

Or have they lived up to it?

Let me know what you think.

EDIT: I think this maybe comes over as an overt criticism of We Are The Ocean in general but it is far from it. To me this song is the pinnacle of their work. It’s not that the rest is poor, just that this one song is THAT immense it will quite possibly go down as their defining moment. I would love them to surpass this opus because, if Dan and the boys manage it it will be mindblowing.


We Are The Ocean Official Website


Photo by Adam Gasson / threesongsnoflash.net

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